Ten New ELL Resources for 2022

As you look ahead to the coming year, we'd like to share some recent additions to Colorín Colorado. This resource list includes the following:

Partnering with Multilingual Families

1. Partnering with Multilingual Families During the Omicron Variant

This article offers ideas on how schools can include multilingual families in their response plans to the Omicron variant and COVID-19 surges in their communities.

2. How School Leaders New to Working with ELLs Can Partner with Families: 10 Strategies for Success

This article presents strategies for administrators who are new to working with ELLs on how to start building partnerships with multilingual families in their school community.

3. How Schools Can Partner with Afghan Refugee Families

This resource pages provide recommendations on how schools can effectively partner with families who have been coming from Afghanistan. It also shares lessons learned from schools already partnering with this community.

4. Multilingual Health Services and Support in Brockton, MA

This article shares how Brockton Public Schools in Massachusetts has made multilingual health services available for its families and how their support network has mobilized during COVID-19.

Social-Emotional Support

5. "Mental health comes first": A Principal Shares Her Priorities for This Year

This article shares how Principal Susan Stanley at Salina Elementary in Dearborn, Michigan is prioritizing social-emotional support for students, families, and staff during this year.

6. Making Space for Gratitude: 12 Ideas for Schools During Challenging Times

This article offers ideas on how schools make space for gratitude in the classroom, among staff, and in family partnerships. This article also includes strategies, resources, and research on the benefits of gratitude in schools.

7. How to Support Your Child's Social-Emotional Health: Family Tips in 16 Languages

This tip sheet, which is available in 16 languages, shares ideas on how families can support their children's social-emotional health and find support resources in their home languages.

Instruction & Advocacy for ELLs

8. Twelve Things Teachers Can Do to Support ELL Success in the New Year

This updated article, one of our most popular, shares some specific and measurable actions educators can take to support ELLs' success during the coming year, whether through instruction, family engagement, or advocacy.

9. What Are the Legal Requirements Related to ELL Education?

This article shares a brief summary of the legal requirements related to ELLs and highlights some of the questions schools are asking about how to best implement these laws and regulations during COVID-19.

10. Using Diverse Books with ELLs: A Guide for Educators

This guide offers educators ideas on how to choose culturally responsive books that reflect ELLs' experiences, cultures, and languages. It also offers ideas on how to choose books at an appropriate reading and language level and expand access to diverse books for all students.

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