Strong as Fire, Fierce as Flame

Young woman with swirls of color around her

As a child, Meera's parents married her to a boy from a neighboring village whom she barely knows. But when Indian soldiers mutiny against their British commanders and destroy the British ammunition depot, Meera's husband is killed. Upon hearing the news, Meera's father insists that she follow the dictates of their fringe religious sect: She must end her life by throwing herself on her husband's funeral pyre. Risking everything Meera runs away, and is soon forced to become a servant in the house of a high-ranking British East India Company captain. Slowly through her work, she gains confidence, new friends, new skills — and sometimes her life even feels peaceful. But one day, Meera stumbles upon the captain's secret stock of ammunition, destined to be used by the British to continue colonizing India and control its citizens. Will Meera alert the rebellion of the stockpile? Or will she let others make decisions for her? And how much fire must a girl face to finally write her own destiny?