Transforming Schools for Multilingual Learners: A Comprehensive Guide for Educators (2nd Edition)

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This second edition of this popular book supports educators to design and enact policies, practices, and structures for multilingual learners (MLs) to feel a sense of safety, belonging, value, and competence.

Topics explored in the book include: 

  • a discussion of the changes to federal and state policies and their impact on MLs and their families
  • strategies to move from a deficit- to an asset-based approach that values multilingualism
  • nine principles to design and deliver high-quality lessons in multiple languages and across disciplines
  • practices to identify and support MLs with learning differences and disabilities
  • steps for building long-lasting family-school partnerships

Reflecting changing trends in leadership, this new edition supports superintendents, principals, curriculum supervisors, coaches, mentors, teachers, and other stakeholders in their collaborative efforts to create and sustain successful language assistance programs.

You can also see the following excerpts on Colorin Colorado:

Chapter 7: Identifying and Working With English Learners With Learning Differences and Learning Disabilities

Publisher: Corwin Press