ELL Parent and Family Outreach

These titles offer a myriad of ways to build relationships with the families of English language learners, as well as ideas on how to communicate effectively and engage them in the school community. A number of the books also encourage teachers to identify the strengths of their ELL families and look for ways to build upon those strengths together.

Building Parent Engagement in Schools

This book offers a different way of thinking about parent outreach, particularly in schools with high minority and/or ELL populations. The authors argue for "engagement" as opposed to "involvement," in which parents become leaders, active participants, and stakeholders in the school community. They suggest that this approach can in fact energize the school staff and families and profile a number of successful efforts including home visits, family literacy programs, community gardens, and community organizing.

Engaging the Families of ELLs: Ideas, Resources, and Activities

This practical and timely guide offers numerous tools for learning about ELL families and identifying needs as well as interests, expectations, and strengths that can provide a foundation for building a relationship with families. Each chapter includes detailed, step-by-step activities, discussion questions, and resources. Topics include school safety, conferences and open house events, communication, handling difficult situations with ELL families, and enlisting the support of families, volunteers, and community organizations to support student success.

Involving Latino Families in Schools: Raising Student Achievement Through Home-School Partnerships

Product Description: This guide provides tools and strategies for including Latino parents in developing sustained academic improvement. Through suggested activities, case examples, first-person success stories, and vignettes, the author provides insights and instruction for planning, designing, and implementing parental participation programs that enhance the classroom curriculum and effectively engage Latino students.

Managing Diverse Classrooms: How to Build on Students' Cultural Strengths

This groundbreaking book examines the impact of culture and individual/collective orientation on classroom management and family outreach. The authors present the results of Bridging Cultures, a longitudinal five-year action research project focused on immigrant students in the U.S. school system. The result was a transformational approach to classroom management in areas such as instruction, behavior, assessment, and parent relationships.

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Reaching Out to Latino Families of English Language Learners

Product Description: How can teachers of Latino ELLs actively engage their students' families? This award-winning book includes practical tips and tools that can help teachers solicit valuable information from families and extend families' knowledge of how U.S. schools operate. In addition, the authors offer information on aspects of Latino culture relevant to student learning and outline a framework that educators can use to create a "campus task force" for engaging Latino families in student learning.