Chapter walk with me!

Previewing content is an important step in scaffolding new content for ELLs. One way to do this is through a "chapter walk" - not only does it prepare students for what they are about to learn, it gives them the tools for previewing content independently in future academic coursework.

Teacher: Amber Prentice Jimenez
Grade: 7 and 8
School Name: Middle School, Minneapolis, MN

Chapter walk with me!

Learn how to preview content-area textbooks with ELLs through a "chapter walk."

Lesson Summary

Amber Prentice is an ELL and Spanish teacher with experience teaching students of all ages and backgrounds. While teaching in St. Paul, MN, Amber taught middle school ELL newcomers and refugees and led a number of initiatives to integrate ELL families into the school community. Amber has also taken an active role in leading teacher training programs, and was selected by the AFT to train female teacher trainers in Yemen and high school teachers in Afghanistan in a special professional development program.

Amber has served on the American Federation of Teacher ELL Cadre for three years and currently teaches middle school Spanish in California.