Coronavirus: ELL and Multilingual Resources for Schools

Man monitoring computers at CDC Emergency Operations Center during coronavirus response

These resources can help schools and communities partner more effectively with multilingual families. We also include information about how schools can best serve English learners during school closures. We'll update this page as new resources becomes available.

Photo: The CDC's Emergency Operations Center assists public health partners in responding to the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak.
James Gathany/CDC

School Responses to COVID-19: Serving ELLs and Immigrant Students

How can schools and districts ensure that ELLs and their families are included in all communications and school closure plans related to COVID-19?

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What does distance learning look like for ELLs in your district? Tell us in this brief survey.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)

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Coronavirus Resource Center

This resource center is now available in multiple languages.

Fact sheets and poster center

Coronavirus fact sheets are now available in multiple languages.

Updates and Information

Education Week

News updates

American Federation of Teachers

More resources for educators

Multilingual resources

It's important that schools share accurate information about coronavirus with all school staff and families, including families of English learners. These resources include multilingual fact sheets and infographics.


FAQs, fact sheets, and glossaries


School district updates in multiple languages

Health, safety, and basic needs: Considerations for immigrant families

It's important to keep in mind some immigrant families may not have access to medical care, insurance, or sick leave. In addition, lost wages in the event of school or business closures, along with reduced access to school meals for children, may have a significant impact on families' stability. Learn more from the following:

Bullying prevention

There are reports in schools of bullying and discrimination in relation to the coronavirus. The Seattle Public School District posted this statement on its website:

"We are aware of reports that some of our Asian students have been targeted and discriminated against in connection to COVID-19. This is unacceptable and contrary to our values of racial equity and social justice. In SPS we are committed to welcoming, safe, and inclusive schools, and we do not tolerate hate speech or acts of discrimination. Help us prevent discrimination or stigmatization by sharing accurate information. COVID-19 infection is not connected to any race, ethnicity, or nationality."

An update to the statement reads, "We also ask everyone to be mindful that although novel coronavirus started in China, having Chinese ancestry — or any other Asian ancestry — does not place a person at higher risk for this illness. You can help keep our schools safe for everyone by sharing accurate information with your children and fellow community members."

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Classroom resources

Resources for families

How you can help

Learn how you can help families impacted by COVID-19 school closures, lay-offs, and medical emergencies. You may be able to find more information about local organizations working in your community.

In addition, the following organizations are coordinating medical support and donations: