Culturally Responsive Instruction: Resource List

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Perhaps you have come across the term "culturally responsive teaching" in your work as an educator. Many schools and districts around the country are encouraging their teachers to become more familiar with culturally responsive teaching. There are lots of great resources out there to help you learn more about the what, why, and how of culturally responsive teaching – and how you can get started!

Culturally Responsive Instruction

Culturally responsive teaching is a research-based approach that "invites students to bring their expertise to the table" (Fleming, 2019) by identifying and harnessing the assets of students who have historically been underserved in schools. Here are some resources providing an overview to CRT.

Overviews: Research & Resource Guides

Overviews: Articles, Blogs, and Tools

Resources from Zaretta Hammond


Videos and Podcasts

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Key Concepts

Funds of Knowledge

Cultural Orientation: Collective vs. Individual

Building Relationships and Classroom Community

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Classroom Resources

Culturally Responsive Books

Academic Language & Literacy

Inquiry and Project-Based Learning (PBL)

Making Local Connections

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Student Populations: Resource Collections

American Indian/Alaska Native Students

English Language Learners (ELLs)

Students with Special Needs

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Professional Development and Reflection

Equity Issues



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Culturally Responsive Family Engagement


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