¿Qué Pasa? Are English Language Learning Students Remaining In English Classes Too Long?

Author: Edward Flores, ABD; Gary Painter, PhD; Zackary Harlow-Nash, MPP Candidate; Harry Pachon, PhD
Organization: The Tomás Rivera Policy Institute
Year Published: 2009

This study utilized an analysis of the records provided by the Los Angeles Unified School District on all non-special education students who were in 6th grade in 1999. The Tomás Rivera Policy Institute studied whether or not a transfer from English language learning classes to mainstream English classes (reclassification) would improve academic achievement. Six indicators determined the impact of reclassification: SAT9 Math and Reading scores in 8th grade, failing the 9th grade, dropping out, passing the California High School Exit Exam, and ever taking an Advanced Placement Course. The following was also taken into consideration: percent of full credentialed teachers, percent of the school that is ELL, percent of school receiving free or reduced lunch; as well as nativity, socioeconomics, and prior performance.


Flores, E., Painter, G., Harlow-Nash, Z., & Pachon, H. (1999, October). Que pasa? Are English language learning students remaining in English learning classes too long? The Tomas Rivera Policy Institute, Retrieved from http://www.trpi.org/PDFs/LAUSD%20Policy%20Brief.pdf