Long-Term ELLs

Three young adults writing at their desks

Students who have been in English language learner (ELL) programs for the majority of their schooling are considered long-term ELLs.  Learn more about some of the programs trying to address their needs and the reasons why they are struggling.

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The Difficult Road for Long-Term English Learners

Recent data show that approximately one-third of all English language learners in grades 6–12 in New York City are actually long-term English language learners (New York City Department of Education, 2008). The term refers to English language learners who have attended U.S. schools for seven years or more. Although national data about these students have not been gathered, it appears that significant numbers currently attend middle and high schools across the United States.  This article from Educational Leadership examines the characteristics and needs of this student population, offering schools ideas to on how to better support their learning.