The Cultural Strengths of Latino Families: Firm Scaffolds for Children and Youth

Author: Cynthia Garcia Coll; Andrew Fuligni; Claudia Galindo; Don Hernandez; and Marta Tienda

While the media often portrays Latinos negatively, new research is showing meaningful evidence to the contrary. Indicators of strong cultural assets include healthy newborns, robust social development, and a strong family foundation which contribute to early achievement. However, these strengths sometime fade for second- or third-generation Latinos, a trend named the "immigrant paradox" by experts. The brief outlines the immigrant paradox and offers in-depth questions for journalists to consider who are reporting on Latino children and families.


Coll, C.G., Fuligni, A., Galindo, C., Hernandez, D., & Tienda, M. (n.d.). "The cultural strengths of Latino families: Firm scaffolds for children and youth." New Journalism on Latino Children. Retrieved from: