Language and Reading Interventions for English Language Learners and English Language Learners with Disabilities

Organization: Center on Instruction
Year Published: 2009

This publication explores issues and makes recommendations related to meeting the needs of English learners with limited language proficiency or learning disabilities, or both. The authors offer background on current federal policy context in which this discussion of reading instruction and interventions for ELLs occurs; discussion on how English language learners are identified and classified; discussion of issues in identifying English language learners with disabilities and concerns associated with assessing ELLs' academic achievements and their language proficiency accurately; and a review of recent research, intervention recommendations, and professional development considerations.


Rivera, M. O., Moughamian, A. C., Lesaux, N. K., & Francis, D. J. (2008). Language and reading interventions for English language learners and English language learners with disabilities. Portsmouth, NH: RMC Research Corporation, Center on Instruction.