Meeting the Literacy Development Needs of Adolescent English Language Learners Through Content Area Learning (Part 1): Focus on Motivation and Engagement

Organization: Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory (LAB), The Education Alliance at Brown University, Julie Meltzer and Edmund Hamann

This article reviews research concerning literacy engagement and motivation of adolescent ELL students as well as native speakers in content-area classrooms. Instructional principals such as the "scaffolding" method and activation of students' prior knowledge are explored, as well as importance of content relevance and choice in student-centered learning. Additionally, the article provides guidelines for research-based professional development that would adequately prepare content area teachers to support the literacy development of all secondary students.


Meltzer, J. & Hamann, E. (2004). Meeting the literacy development needs of adolescent English language learners. Part one: Focus on motivation and engagement. Northeast and Islands Regional Educational Laboratory.

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