Opportunity Adrift: Our Flagship Universities Are Straying From Their Public Mission

Organization: The Education Trust;Kati Hayock; Mary Lynch; Jennifer Engle

Public flagship universities provide excellence to students who cannot afford high-quality private institutions. Yet many of these universities direct aid to wealthy students who will attend college without it. Meantime, many high-achieving minority and poor students wind up in lesser institutions or do not attend college at all. In fact, some low-income students who literally cannot afford to attend college without a grant must find a way to finance the equivalent of 70 percent of their family's annual income. Some flagships are stepping up to the challenge and focusing on access and success. An account of their performance and progress appears at the end of this report.


Hayock, K., Lynch, M., & Engle, J. (2010). Opportunity adrift: Our flagship universities straying from their public mission. The Education Trust.