Speaking Out: Latino Youth on Discrimination in the United States

Organization: P. Foxen; National Council of La Raza

This report discusses and examines themes the ways in which Latino adolescents who are grappling with their identity and place in society perceive and engage with formative social settings/institutions, such as school, work, law enforcement, and the juvenile justice system. The report analyzes these perceptions through data received from focus groups located in 4 different cities across the country (Langley Park, MD; Nashville, TN; Providence, RI; and Los Angeles, CA) that include both first-generation and second-generation youth.


Foxen, P. (2010, October, 21)."Speaking Out: Latino Youth on Discrimination in the United States" National Council of La Raza. Retrieved January 3, 2011, from: http://www.nclr.org/index.php/publications/speaking_out_latino_youth_on_discrimination_in_the_united_states/

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