Supporting Families Impacted by a Global Crisis

Volunteers working at a food bank

Learn how schools can provide social-emotional support for students who are impacted by crises in other places, such as their countries of origin. This article is part of Navigating Tough Topics in the Classroom: Tips for ELL Educators.


This project was made possible with support from the American Federation of Teachers.

When your school community includes families and staff from other countries, you may find that events in other parts of the world suddenly seem closer to home. These may include traumatic events such as natural disasters, political unrest, acts of violence, or other kinds of tragedies. Support for individuals affected by the news can make an important difference in how they manage stress.

Before Reading: Reflection Questions

  • What are some global events that have impacted families in your school or community?
  • Have the families mobilized any kind of response? Has the community responded in support?

Tips for Educators

For ideas on how you can help, see the following tips:

For additional ideas, see the following: