Janet Wong

Janet Wong's career switch was so dramatic that she was featured on a segment of The Oprah Winfrey Show. When Wong left her job as Director of Labor Relations at Universal Studios in Hollywood, she dreamed of becoming a children's book author. Over the next two years, she took a writing class, submitted manuscripts, and piled up more than two dozen rejection letters. Through a combination of practice, persistence, and talent, Janet Wong quickly became a successful writer of poetry and picture books for young people, which she talks about in our first interview with her from 2003.

In 2014, we had a chance to revisit Janet and learn about a more recent project, The Poetry Friday Anthology, which she co-edited with Dr. Sylvia Vardell and which includes volumes of poetry and related activities for elementary school, middle school, and science classes, as well as a volume focused on celebrations.

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To see our complete interview with Janet's co-editor, Dr. Vardell, and learn more about the activities in the anthology, visit Reading Rockets. You can also view the earlier interview transcript and a short biography on Janet Wong on Reading Rockets.