Welcome to the new Colorín Colorado!

Welcome to the newly updated Colorín Colorado website!  Our new site has all of the great content you know and love, and many of the links from the former site have been redirected so that you can find the pages you have bookmarked. (If you can’t find a page or see something that needs our attention, just send us an e-mail and we’ll do our best to fix it!)

Video Tour  

To take a brief tour of the new site, take a look at this video!


Highlights of the new site include:

We look forward to hearing your feedback about the new site at: [email protected].

Thanks to our partners!

This project could not have happened without the long-time support of the American Federation of Teachers and our more recent partnership with the National Education Association.  Thanks to the AFT & NEA for making this happen!

We’ll keep you posted as we add great new resources and features!


  • Lydia Breiseth, Manager, Colorín Colorado
  • Tina Chovanec, Director, Reading Rockets
  • Kelly Deckert, Associate Manager of Online Media, WETA Learning Media
  • Christian Lindstrom, Director, WETA Learning Media
  • Noel Gunther, Vice President, WETA Learning Media