After the Election: Ideas for Teachers of ELLs

As they have been throughout the entire presidential campaign, teachers are on the front lines when it comes to answering students’ questions about the election and its results, giving them an opportunity to discuss what they see in the news, helping them think about how big decisions may affect their lives, and managing interactions among students representing different points of view and backgrounds.

We have collected some helpful lesson plans as well as discussion guides for talking about the results of the 2016 election. For more ideas, see the message below from Colorín Colorado contributor Kristina Robertson. To see related resources, visit our Election 2016 section.



Current Events for Students

ELL Resources

Discussing the Election Results

Addressing Student Concerns

Recommended Resources

Educational Services for Immigrant Children: What Schools Need to Know

The U.S. Departments of Education and Justice released fact sheets, FAQs, and enrollment guidance related to the educational services for immigrant children and families in January 2015. These fact sheets (also available in Spanish) and the Civil Rights information below provide a summary of what schools need to know.

Denver Public Schools: Bilingual Immigration FAQ from 11/14/16

These FAQs were issued by Denver Public Schools on Nov. 14, 2016. While some questions relate directly to Denver policies, much of the information is relevant to public schools nationwide and can be used as reference for similar documents. The document is available English, Spanish, Arabic, and Vietnamese.

Immigration/DACA Information and Updates

Serving ELLs & Immigrant Students Tookits

Making Students Feel Welcome

A few words of wisdom

And finally, some closing thoughts from Christopher Breiseth, a lifelong educator, professor of history, former college president — and the father of Colorín Colorado manager Lydia Breiseth.

"It is important that all of us work hard to treat each other with respect, as members of the same national family. Through it all, we must demonstrate how to treat each other and hold to what we most believe in.  There will be ample opportunities to demonstrate how to behave well, how to address our common challenges, and how to make our civic lives more vibrant."