Ann Cameron

Books by This Author


Age Level: 12-14

"Twelve-year-old Rosa remembers only a few things about the home she shared with her loving parents in a Mayan village before she was kidnapped at the age of four. Since then, she has traveled with Uncle, an abusive con artist. After being convinced by a fortune-teller that Rosa will make him rich, Uncle embarks on an obsessive treasure hunt, forcing Rosa to join in his scams for food and money. Rosa hates Uncle's dishonesty and anger, and she feels trapped…The taut, chilling suspense and search for riches will keep readers flying through the pages.

Julian, Secret Agent

Illustrated by: Diane Allison
Age Level: 6-9

Julian narrates the story of how he, his little brother Huey and best friend Gloria become "crimebusters", save a dog named Crumbles, meet the Food Wizard and more. Enjoy the mysterious and silly adventures of three unlikely heroes as they solve everyday problems.

Spunky Tells All

Illustrated by: Lauren Castillo
Age Level: 6-9
Spunky speaks only Dog but understands Human and has a special affinity for Huey (first introduced in the Stories Julian Tells). Spunky's narration provides insight into Dog customs and human behavior as well has his frustration when they bring a snobby cat into the family as a friend for Spunky! Readers will laugh at Spunky's observations in this fast-paced family story.

Stories Huey Tells

Illustrated by: Roberta Smith
Age Level: 6-9
These five short and funny stories show the mischief that Huey gets into in daily adventures with his annoying older brother Julian. The stories are filled with fun and warmth.

The Most Beautiful Place in the World

Illustrated by: Thomas Allen
Age Level: 6-9

Now that Juan's mother has left him with his grandmother, he shines shoes to earn a living. More than anything else, though, 7-year old Juan wants to learn to read and go to school. Guatemala comes alive through the daily lives of Juan and his grandmother and the detailed black/white illustrations.