Beth Skelton

Beth has over 30 years of experience as a language educator and holds a Master’s Degree in Multicultural Teacher Education. She has worked with early childhood, elementary, middle, high school and adult language learners in rural, urban, suburban, and international school settings. She has extensive experience and training in Kagan cooperative learning, student centered instructional coaching, Harvard Project Zero and Visible Thinking Routines, SIOP, and Comprehensible Input Strategies. She has published materials for teaching adult English Learners with the TPRS method entitled Putting it Together, which have been translated into Spanish, Dutch, French, and sign language. Beth currently provides professional development, coaching, and consulting with schools around the world focused on providing equitable education for multilingual learners. 


Twitter:  @easkelton

Books by This Author

Long-Term Success for Experienced Multilinguals

Long-Term Success for Experienced Multilinguals

This concise guide presents an easy-to-implement cross-curricular instructional framework specifically designed for secondary content teachers and includes:

• Four essential actions that foster the conditions for experienced multilinguals to reach the highest grade-level content and language proficiency

• Specific strategies with “try it out” prompts to encourage implementation

• Templates and anchor charts for structuring lessons

• Vignettes and stories from both the student and teacher perspective