Boris Kulikov

Books by This Illustrator

Isaac Newton: Giants of Science

Illustrated by: Boris Kulikov
Age Level: 9-12

Perhaps his difficult childhood helped create the brilliant scientist (but rude man) he became. A complete portrait of Newton and his contributions to science are presented in a conversational text punctuated with droll illustrations.

Max's Dragon

Illustrated by: Boris Kulikov
Age Level: 3-6
Max and his brothers play outdoors on a summer day, but Max is the first to see his dragon. When chased by a dark cloud that looks surprising like a fierce dinosaur, only a rhyme — and the breeze from the dragon's sneeze defeats it. Textured, rounded figures and playful language combine to present this imaginative summer adventure.

The Castle on Hester Street

Illustrated by: Boris Kulikov
Age Level: 6-9
Julie loves to hear her grandfather's larger-than-life, highly imagined tales of long ago when he emigrated from Russia to New York City. Grandma, however, recalls the same events in a very different way. With fresh illustrations, these 25-year-old tales remain humorous and vivacious.