Jonah Winter

Books by This Author


Illustrated by: Jeanette Winter
Age Level: 6-9

The early life of Mexican muralist Diego Rivera is presented in simple, yet revealing language in both Spanish and English. Accompanied by richly colored illustrations, this book is reminiscent of the folk art and themes in Rivera's work.


Illustrated by: Sean Qualls
Age Level: 6-9

John Birks Gillespie was an angry child from an abusive home. He was able to overcome huge obstacles when given a trumpet to channel his anger and begin the journey to jazz. 'Dizzy' Gillespie's story is told in swirling images and rhythmic language, telling the story of how music inspired him and how he used his talents to inspire others.


Illustrated by: Ana Juan
Age Level: 3-6

In this refreshing tribute to Frida Kahlo and her imagination, Jonah Winter writes, "Frida doesn't cry or complain. Instead of crying, she paints pictures of herself crying." Winter gently explores how her suffering shapes her artwork in a way that children will be able to understand. Ana Juan's colorful fantasies evoke Frida's unique style and paintings.

Roberto Clemente: Pride of the Pittsburgh Pirates

Illustrated by: Raúl Colón
Age Level: 6-9

This moving tribute is the perfect introduction to Roberto Clemente. Readers will learn of his humble beginnings, the challenges he faced in a new country, and his unprecedented accomplishments as one of the greatest baseball players in history. Even more importantly, readers will come to understand the way that Clemente's generosity shaped so much of his life — and his untimely death. Raúl Colón's impressionistic yet evocative illustrations enhance the emotional impact of the text.

Sonia Sotomayor: A Judge Grows in the Bronx

Illustration of young Sonia Sotomayor sitting on steps
Illustrated by: Christina Rodriguez
Age Level: 6-9
Language: Spanish (Bilingual Eng/Sp)

This bilingual picture book tells the story of Sotomayor's childhood in the Bronx, her time at Princeton, and her confirmation on the Supreme Court, with a special focus on her mother's unwavering support throughout her life. Lovely illustrations capture the warmth and joy of Sotomayor's family and story. Note: The biography includes a discussion of the racial undertones of her nomination and confirmation hearing.

¡Béisbol!: Latino Baseball Pioneers and Legends

Age Level: Middle Grade

This collection profiles 14 Latino baseball pioneers (Roberto Clemente, Bobby Avila, etc.) who played during the first half of the 20th century, often in the Negro Leagues or winter leagues of Latin America. Readers will learn about the group's accomplishments, including the barriers they had to overcome and how they paved the way for today's Latino baseball stars.