José-Luis Orozco

The following books and recordings by José-Luis Orozco feature a wide range of traditional songs and nursery rhymes from Latin America, as well as songs written by José-Luis himself!

Books by This Author

Cantamos y Aprendemos con José-Luis Orozco

Age Level: 3-6

Product Description: This popular educational DVD introduces kids to the Spanish and English language as well as the rich tradition of Latin American children's music. Your kids will learn and be entertained with José-Luis Orozco's interactive songs.

Canto y Cuento

Age Level: 3-6

With this fun collection of story-telling songs your kids will learn through music and rhythm in a unique and playful way, as they sing along with José-Luis Orozco. Be ready for giggles, as many of these story songs are amusing and entertaining.

Caramba Kids (Music CD)

Age Level: 3-6

This collection of bilingual children's songs presented by renowned songwriter-musician José-Luis Orozco includes educational songs in both Spanish and English that entertain, enhance self-esteem, teach and reinforce necessary early language skills. The album's songs uses the best in technology to help in building vocabulary and emphasize such basic language skills and concepts as counting, learning the alphabet, body parts and colors and developing a basic phonological awareness of language— in both Spanish and English.

Corridos Mexicanos y Chicanos/Mexican & Chicano Ballads

Age Level: 6-9

Corridos are narrative ballads of historical events and people in the Mexican culture. José-Luis Orozco brings this powerful oral tradition to teach the importance of story-telling. Through these corridos, your kids are able to learn about the most important events and people in Mexico.

De Colores and Other Latin American Folk Songs

Age Level: 3-6

Get ready to move, sing and have a great time with your kids, as José-Luis presents some of the all time favorite collection of folk songs filled with the colors and spirit of Latin American culture. Whether celebrating your own culture or learning about the language and traditions of others, this is a wonderful celebration of the diversity of Latin music.

Diez Deditos and Other Play Rhymes and Action Songs from Latin America

Illustrated by: Elisa Kleven
Age Level: 3-6
Language: Spanish (Bilingual Eng/Sp)

This bilingual collection of finger rhymes and action songs highlights the richness of the Latin American culture to support a child's language development, listening skills and basic concepts. Your kids will have fun singing, clapping, dancing and enjoying vibrant themes such as languages, parts of the body, animals, sounds and musical instruments. This collection also teaches kids the importance of family and self-esteem. Lyrics are presented in both English and Spanish, and easy-to-follow musical accompaniment and diagrams for the corresponding actions are also provided.

Esta Es Mi Tierra/This Land Is My Land

Age Level: 3-6

Listen and sing along to some of the most recognizable children's traditional songs in Spanish and English. This highly acclaimed CD promotes dual language education, self-esteem, an understanding of diversity, while encouraging language, listening, and early literacy skills.