Joseph Medicine Crow

Books by This Author

Brave Wolf and the Thunderbird

Illustrated by: Linda R. Martin
Age Level: 6-9

Product Description: In this traditional Crow story, a great big monster climbs out of the lake and up the cliff to steal the mother Thunderbird's young chicks each spring. This year she is determined to save them, but she needs human help. So she snatches up Brave Wolf while he is out hunting and carries him to her nest, where he comes up with a plan. (Tales of the People)

Counting Coup: Becoming a Crow Chief on the Reservation and Beyond

Age Level: 12-14

In this fascinating autobiography, the chief shares the events in his life, from his birth in 1914, to his training to be a Crow warrior when he was six or seven, to his World War II experiences. He tells his story with an elder's humor. Reminiscing about his first hospital visit to have his adenoids removed, he shares his fear of whites, of Sioux, and of ghosts. Experiences from Baptist, public, and boarding schools show the prejudices that he encountered. Four pages of color and black-and-white photos show his family and the Crow reservation in Montana.