Kayeri Akweks

Books by This Illustrator

At the Park

Illustrated by: Kayeri Akweks
Age Level: 0-3
Language: Spanish

A Mohawk boy visits the park and uses his five senses to discover the natural world around him. Spanish version available.

Native American Games and Stories

Illustrated by: Kayeri Akweks
Age Level: 6-9

An important credo of Native life states that you can learn while you play and play while you learn. Readers can pore over intriguing stories and play these fun-filled games as they learn how global thought and beliefs can transcend their own lives. Sample themes, stories, and games include the Ball Players in the Sky (Passamaquoddy); Gluskabe Brings the Summer (Abenaki); and Nanabush and the Ducks (Anishinabe).