Mo Willems

Books by This Author

Are You Ready to Play Outside?

Age Level: 6-9
Piggie and his elephant friend, Gerald, are back this time to play outdoors in rain and in sun. Their unlikely friendship is patient, gently humorous, and reflective of friendship — regardless of age or species!

Can I Play Too?

Age Level: 6-9
Snake asks to play catch with elephant and Piggie but gets beaned by the ball as he has no arms with which to catch it. The friends come up with a creative solution for them all to play catch. Cartoon illustrations are as clear as the speech bubbles in this funny addition to the series.

City Dog, Country Frog

Illustrated by: Jon J Muth
Age Level: 6-9
On his first day in the country, City Dog not only runs off-leash but befriends a frog. Dog and frog play through summer and remember their fun in autumn, but frog leaves in winter. Life's cyclical nature is shown in dramatic watercolors and frank text for a moving tale.

Don't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus!

Age Level: 3-6
Pigeon desperately wants to drive the bus, but continued requests are turned down, he becomes increasingly frustrated and irritated. Crisp illustrations and simple typeface tell a story that may be all too familiar! Young children and parents alike will relate to the theme of this Caldecott Honor book.

Don't Let the Pigeon Stay Up Late!

Age Level: 3-6
Readers take over for the bus driver, who cautions them not to let the pigeon stay up late. But as in other books about this willful bird, well… Children get to see this situation from the adult's perspective as the pigeon finds excuses not to go to bed.

Edwina, the Dinosaur Who Didn't Know She Was Extinct

Age Level: 3-6
Reginald Von Hoobie-Doobie tries to convince the townspeople that dinosaurs are extinct. No one believes him, except Edwina, the talented and kind cookie-baking dinosaur — and she should know! The silly humor of Reginald�s comeuppance is conveyed in understated text and cartoon illustration.

Goldilocks and the Three Dinosaurs

Age Level: 3-6
The author turns the familiar tale around in this funny take-off. Here, Goldilocks goes to the home of three dinosaurs who would like nothing more than a chocolate-filled little girl. Goldi and the dinos take away very different lessons — all to the delight of well-read children!

Happy Pig Day!

Age Level: 3-6
Gerald the elephant feels left out when his buddy, Piggie, celebrates Pig Day. All ends well as Piggie reaffirms his friendship with in this addition to an ever popular series.

I Will Surprise My Friend

Age Level: 3-6
Like Frog and Toad, Piggie, a pig, and Gerald, the elephant, are the best of friends. In their latest adventure, the friends play together and surprise each other — in surprising and a gently humorous way.

Knuffle Bunny Free

Age Level: 6-9
Knuffle Bunny is accidentally left on the plane when Trixie and her parents visit the grandparents. Though Trixie is miserable without her snuggle buddy, she finds him on the plane bound for home where Trixie shows remarkable growth and selflessness. A note from Daddy completes the book's emotional circle.