Nikki Giovanni

Books by This Author


Illustrated by: Bryan Collier
Age Level: 6-9

Rosa Parks was an ordinary woman who became a hero because she "was not going to give in to that which was wrong." A catalyst for the famous Montgomery Bus boycott in Alabama, she turned the nation's attention to a glaring injustice in our society. Powerful illustrations evoke a time before the Civil Rights era and give the reader a glimpse at a person, her impact, and a period in American history.

Spin a Soft Black Song

Illustrated by: George Martins
Age Level: 6-9

Each poem, told from the point of view of a young child, speaks to childhood dreams, fears and perceptions, and to the realities of growing up Black in America. This old favorite is becoming a top choice for a new generation of readers.

The Genie in the Jar

Illustrated by: Chris Raschka
Age Level: 3-6

A mother encircles her daughter like a bottle around a genie, and teaches her the craft of weaving and the world of possibilities before letting her out on her own. The lyrical poetry envelops the reader like the mother’s arms, and offers gentle protection and loving support.

The Sun is So Quiet

Illustrated by: Ashley Bryan
Age Level: 6-9

This collection offers children an introduction to poetry through rich imagery and vivid illustrations. The stream-of-consciousness style sticks to familiar childhood themes to keep children engaged.