Sharon Wyeth

Books by This Author

Always My Dad

Illustrated by: Raúl Colón
Age Level: 6-9

Though Dad moves around a lot and his jobs keep changing, a young girl and her brother hold fast to memories of his magical, unexpected visits in this portrait of a family held together by a special bond of love. Pastel illustrations bring the touching story to life.

Something Beautiful

Illustrated by: Chris K. Soentpiet
Age Level: 3-6

A young girl learns to find beauty in her sometimes gritty urban neighborhood, showing how the way one sees makes a difference that affects others. Luminous watercolors detail the child, her neighborhood, and suggest what she sees around her.

The Granddaughter Necklace

Illustrated by: Bagram Ibatoulline
Age Level: 6-9
A handsome necklace symbolizes the connection between generations of women in this realistically illustrated story. The story like the necklace is handed down from one generation to the next and was inspired by her roots.