Suzanne Bloom

Books by This Author

Feeding Friendsies

Age Level: 0-3
Children play and make pretend food in the garden where they play until they wash up for a real meal and a nap — all but one playful toddler. Sprightly, soft illustrations illuminate the text.

The Bus for Us

Language: Spanish (Bilingual Eng/Sp)

Tess can't wait for the school bus to arrive! "Is this bus for us, Gus?" she continues to ask as a taxi, ice cream truck, and fire engine pass by. The repetition of questions and answers throughout the story will make this a great read-aloud for young students and English language learners. Colorful watercolor illustrations complement the text. Bilingual edition available.

What About Bear?

Age Level: 0-3
When Goose and Bear are joined by Fox, Bear feels left out. It is up to Goose to mediate and find a way for old and new friends to play together — which they happily do! With straightforward language and charming illustrations, Goose and Bear are back for another everyday adventure familiar to many children.