Yvonne Freeman

Books by This Author

Academic Language for English Language Learners and Struggling Readers: How to Help Students Succeed Across Content Areas

Product Description: The Freemans provide the information busy secondary teachers need to work effectively with English learners and struggling readers. They examine academic language at different levels: the text level, the paragraph level, the sentence level, and the word level. For each, they provide examples of academic language and specific strategies teachers can use as they teach language arts, science, math, and social studies.

Between Worlds, Third Edition: Access to Second Language Acquisition

In the third edition of this title by ELL experts David E. and Yvonne S. Freeman, the authors present the most up-to-date research from the field regarding second language acquisition and best practices for ELLs in a format that is accessible and easy to use. Topics include in-depth case studies of students, as well as theories of language acquisition, bilingual education, reading instruction, academic language, and how a school's cultural orientation impacts student language learning. Each chapter also presents discussion questions, classroom examples, and teacher reflections.

English Language Learners: The Essential Guide

This book provides an excellent introduction to English language learners and effective ELL instruction. Topics include: getting to know your students, teaching language through content, and developing academic language. The guide, which refers to a number of specific policy and instruction models throughout the country, also ties strategies to multicultural children's books, and offers suggestions for further reading on a number of topics.

Essential Linguistics: What You Need to Know to Teach Reading, ESL, Spelling, Phonics, and Grammar

Product Description: When teachers are familiar with basic linguistic concepts, they are better prepared to make decisions about how to teach reading, spelling, phonics, and grammar to all students, including English language learners. In this unique linguistics course-in-a-book, David and Yvonne Freeman explain essential linguistic concepts in a thorough, but manageable manner and show the connections between linguistic theory and classroom practice.