How Immigration Status Affects Students, Families, & Schools

What impact does the immigration status of students and family members have on schools? Learn more from these resource pages and find recommended resources related to specific topics such as school enrollment, DACA, and immigration enforcement.

What You'll Find in This Section

Researchers estimate that there are between 4-6 million children in U.S. public schools who have at least one family member who is undocumented, and the majority of these children are U.S. citizens themselves. These families are known as "mixed-status" families. Learn more about the unique challenges and concerns for these families from the resources below, as well as the strengths and achievements that educators are seeing their immigrant students and families demonstrate during uncertain times.

Children in Mixed-Status & Undocumented Families

English language learners can face a number of difficult situations at a young age, such as moving to a new country, trying to fit into a new school, and learning a different language.  ELLs may also have responsibilites in their families for younger siblings, for contributing to the family by working, or for translating for their parents. In addition, special populations may face traumatic experiences.  These resources provide guidance on how to help address some of these needs and considerations for students of different ages.

Social & Emotional Support for ELLs and Immigrant Students