Indigenous Students from Latin America

Student reading out loud from book

Learn more about Indigenous students from Latin America who are enrolled in U.S. schools and why their Indigenous identities, cultures, and languages may remain hidden within the school setting.

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Partnering with Indigenous Families: Henry Sales (Mam)

Henry Sales, Mam educator from Guatemala, standing in front of bookshelf with cultural items

This special video project features Indigenous educator Henry Sales presenting PSA messages for Indigenous families in English, Spanish, and Mam. It also includes an outreach guide with ideas on how to partner with Indigenous families and an interview with Henry.

How a Community School Helps ELLs Succeed

Visit Wolfe Street Academy in Baltimore, MD, a school with more than 76% ELLs, to see how this community school is supporting its students and families through programs and services that include dental screenings, food giveaways, after-school activities, and much, much more! Wolfe Street is also home to a large Mixtecan population!