What Would Be Helpful in the Future

Learn more about the kinds of topics educators would like to learn about in order to better support their immigrant students. These responses were collected in our 2017 survey on how schools are supporting immigrant students.

This information is part of the Colorín Colorado resource guide, How to Support Immigrant Students and Families: Strategies for Schools and Early Childhood Programs.

Educators are continuously thinking about what kinds of resources or guidance they would like to see in the future. Many of the respondents to our survey mentioned that they would like to see more information regarding:

  • legal questions about immigration
  • individual student rights
  • addressing trauma
  • teaching about immigration
  • guidance on how to educate administrators and front office staff on policies impacting immigrant children
  • guidance for sharing information with colleagues who may have different political points of view

You can read more specific responses to this question in our related survey.

We are also pleased to know that Colorín Colorado has been able to provide some guidance on these topics, and we will continue to share recommended resources as they become available. The teacher who had worked with her superintendent to clarify district policy wrote us to say,

I am so grateful to your organization, and others, for providing us with timely and relevant information; it allowed me to enter this meeting feeling informed and confident, and I think it was because of that that I was able to make some progress. For teachers who are trying to juggle a thousand different balls at the same time, this kind of concrete information and support is so valuable.

Two of our survey respondents replied,

 “Thank you for all you do! I'm so glad Colorín Colorado is there for us – I can access trusted resources.”

“Thank you for this survey – I'm looking for every outlet possible to engage in this conversation.”