Author Website: Alma Flor Ada

Alma Flor Ada's colorful author Website links to books in both English and Spanish that she has written for children and educators.

Author Website: Jacqueline Jules

Jacqueline Jules, a children's author and school librarian, highlights her stories on her Web site with the help of book trailers, teacher guides, videos, and some interactive games.

Author Website: Lulu Delacre

Lulu Delacre is an acclaimed Puerto Rican author and illustrator who has published numerous children's books, including Rafi and Rosi, Salsa Stories, and The Storyteller's Candle: La velita de los cuentos..

Author Website: Maya Christina Gonzalez

Maya Christina Gonzalez is an artist who has illustrated and written a number of colorful bilingual children's books, including <em>My Colors, My World/Mis Colores, Mi Mundo</em> and a number of poetry collections by Francisco X.

Author Website: Monica Brown

Monica Brown is an award-winning multicultural children's book author and also publishes scholarly work with a Latino focus.

Author Website: Pat Mora

Pat Mora's author Web site gives information about her bilingual books for adults, young adults, and children.

Autism Society

The Autism Society exists to improve the lives of individuals affected by autism through public awareness, advocacy, and education. The Society offers an introduction to autism in Spanish.

Awesome Library: Multilingual Lesson Plans

A listing of lesson plans and multicultural classroom resources offered in many different languages, from Apache to Yiddish. Some languages require special fonts for correct display.


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