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This site offers free and reproducible current news articles and MP3 audio files, communication activities, partnered work, discussions, readings and vocabulary.

Bridges 4 Kids

Bridges 4 Kids is a non-profit parent organization providing a comprehensive system of information and referrals for parents and professionals working with children from birth through transition to adult life.

Building Academic Vocabulary

This site by the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) offers lots of information about how to help students build academic vocabulary.

CAL: Cultural Orientation Resource Center

The Cultural Orientation Resource (COR) Center provides technical assistance regarding the cultural and community orientation refugees receive, either before their resettlement in the United States or after their arrival, as well as about their likely res

CAL: ELL Testing & Assessment Resources

CAL presents a number of projects and resources designed to encourage and foster higher levels of academic achievement among English language learners through its assessment projects.

CAL: What Teachers Need to Know About Language

This digest from the Center for Applied Linguistics summarizes a paper by Lily Wong Fillmore and Catherine Snow, "What Teachers Need to Know About Language." Discusses areas such as language acquisition, why English is difficult to learn, and er


Web Resources

Explore this section and discover useful web resources, some in multiple languages, to help our current and future generations of English language learners succeed. While we continue to check and update these links to other websites, some may have changed since our most recent update.

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Statewide Resources

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