Marisa Montes

Books by This Author

Get Ready for Gabi: A Crazy Mixed Up Spanglish Day

Illustrated by: Joe Cepeda
Age Level: 6-9

Third grade Gabi speaks Spanish at home and English at school and sometimes "Spanglish" everywhere. Spanish and English combine naturally in Gabi's narration as the irrepressible, likable girl befriends a kindergartner who has moved from Nicaragua and as she controls her temper when teased by a classmate.

Los Gatos Black on Halloween

black cat in graveayrd
Illustrated by: Yuyi Morales
Age Level: 3-6, 6-9
Language: English, Spanish vocabulary featured

Follow los monstruos and los esqueletos to the Halloween party are throwing a in the Haunted Hall! Las brujas come on their broomsticks. Los muertos rise from their coffins to join in the fun. Los esqueletos rattle their bones as they dance through the door. And the scariest creatures of all aren't even there yet! Marisa Montes' poem and Yuyi Morales spooky (and sometimes scary!) Halloween illustrations provide a chilling, thrilling read in this award-winning book.

No More Spanish!

Illustrated by: Joe Cepeda
Age Level: 6-9
The irrepressible Gabi is tired of speaking two languages and feels like she's messing up both. But what can she do if she is only allowed to speak Spanish at home? Gabi comes up with a solution that will make readers chuckle and recognize some of their own thinking in Gabi's reasoning.