Patricia McKissack

Books by This Author

Can You Imagine?

Illustrated by: Myles Pinkney
Age Level: 6-9
Patricia McKissack describes the importance of family stories and how listening to them influenced her. Her engaging narrative, filled with current and early photographs may well inspire others to become writers.

Flossie and the Fox

Illustrated by: Rachel Isadora
Age Level: 3-6
Flossie and the Fox is an African American variant of the tale, "Little Red Riding Hood." In this version, the fox is after Flossie's basket of eggs. In this version, however, it's Flossie herself who is brave enough and smart enough to outfox the fox!

Goin' Someplace Special

'Tricia Ann, though frustrated by the Jim Crow laws that forbid her, as an African American, to enter certain restaurants and hotels, or even to sit on park benches marked "For Whites Only," rises above her pain and makes her way to one of the only places in the city that welcomes her with open arms: the public library.

Home-Run King

Age Level: 6-9
There were always discoveries to be made in their grandmother's attic; and Gee always had a story to go along with it. On this visit, the cousins find an autographed baseball that leads to a story about the Negro Baseball League and its stars, Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige. Exciting, predictable, and well-paced, this is sure to appeal to children.

Ma Dear's Aprons

Illustrated by: Floyd Cooper
Age Level: 3-6

David Earl always knows the days of the week by what apron his mother wears for each specific chore. And he knows Sunday is the day when no apron is needed for their special time together. Handsome, realistic watercolors evoke the earlier time in which this story is set and memories of the author's family.

Mirandy and Brother Wind

Mirandy attempts to capture the elusive wind as she dances the cakewalk with her friend, Ezel. Brother Wind is depicted as a dandy with a top hat in this elegantly illustrated tale that is told using appealing dialect.

Ol' Clip-Clop: A Ghost Story

Illustrated by: Eric Velasquez
Age Level: 6-9
In 1741, mean-hearted John Leep set out to evict a tenant on Friday, October 13th on a cold and very dark evening. As Leep clip-clops to the widow's house on his horse, hoof beats are matched by an unseen rider to and from the house. Dark, dramatic illustrations enhance the truly spooky story with an unexpected ending sure to make readers or listeners jump.

The All I'll Ever Want Christmas Doll

The All I'll Ever Want Christmas Doll
Illustrated by: Jerry Pinkney
Age Level: 6-9

Nella and her family live in a small town during the Depression so "Santy" Claus doesn't come very often. This year, however, he brings a special doll - and Nella, the middle child, learns that playing with her sisters is more fun than with the doll alone. Richly detailed illustrations add definition to time and place as well as to the characters.