Uri Shulevitz

Books by This Author

How I Learned Geography

Age Level: 6-9

As a young boy in 1939, Uri Shulevitz and his family fled Poland for the Soviet Union. They lived for a time in Turkestan, where Uri's father returned from the market one day with a large world map. Initially, Uri and his mother couldn't believe that his father had bought a map instead of bread.


Age Level: 3-6
No one except a small boy thinks the few falling snowflakes will amount to much. As the snow continues to fall, however, the dull, gray town becomes transformed into a winter wonderland, and all of its residents come out to enjoy. The wonder of it all is captured through dynamic illustrations and understated text.

When I Wore My Sailor Suit

Age Level: 6-9

Though he lives in a small apartment, the boy who wears his sailor suit has an expansive imagination. It takes him to a remote island where a pirate lives and only ends when reality intrudes. Watercolor illustrations add detail but leave imaginative wiggle room in this gentle adventure.