Virginia Hamilton

Books by This Author

Bruh Rabbit and the Tar Baby Girl

Illustrated by: James Ransome
Age Level: 3-6
Bruh Rabbit outwits farmer Bruh Wolf again — even after the shrewd hare is stuck fast to the pretty baby girl made of tar. Told in the cadence of the Gullah with full-color illustrations, this version is sure to delight readers and listeners of all ages.


Illustrated by: Jerry Pinkney
Age Level: 6-9

Newbery Award winner Virginia Hamilton describes how Lindy and her family suffer through a long drought. Then a mysterious boy comes and teaches them the secrets of finding water hidden in the earth.

The Magical Adventures of Pretty Pearl

Age Level: 12-14
Craving knowledge about mankind, Pretty Pearl, a god-child who lives on a mountain-top in Africa, transforms herself into a human and stows away on a slave ship bound for America. What will she discover about the true nature of people?

The People Could Fly

Age Level: 6-9
Retellings of traditional African American tales, by award winning author Virginia Hamilton, are skillfully performed in the audio version. The narrator uses various accents to further animate the lively collection.

The People Could Fly: The Picture Book

Illustrated by: Diane Dillon
Age Level: 6-9
From embossed endpapers to the gentle homage to its author, the tale of flying to freedom and away from slavery is splendidly illustrated in picture book format. This edition is accompanied by a CD with the sonorous voices of its Newbery medal-winning author and James Earl Jones.