ESL Teachers and Common Core: What's Their Role?

Hi everyone,

We’ve just taken a look at Lesli Maxwell’s post on Education Week about the role of ESL teachers in the Common Core (discussed in this related resource section) and wanted to pass it along to our readers.

She’d like to hear from you with feedback and ideas for contacts in the field on this important topic.

She asks:

"Are local districts and schools preparing ESL teachers for the common standards and the more demanding uses of language that they require of students? If so, how? And are school leaders thoughtfully deploying their ESL educators to work closely with content teachers who may really struggle with providing supports to ELLs? And more informally, but just as important, what are individual ESL teachers doing on their own to prepare themselves for the shift?"

What are you seeing on the ground? Feel free to send her an e-mail or comment on her post with your thoughts – we look forward to continuing the conversation!

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