TESOL International Association Issue Brief on the CCSS for ELLs

TESOL International Association has recently published an issue brief on the CCSS for ELLs. In it, they share a brief history of the standards movement, information on how the Common Core State Standards were developed, and an overview of the Next Generation Science Standards. TESOL also highlights ELL demographics, what the CCSS mean for ELLs and their teachers, how the CCSS interface with needed teacher expertise, and what content assessments will mean for ELLs. In addition, the brief explains how English language development standards and assessments play in to the CCSS for ELLs, Finally, the paper looks ahead to the role ESL and bilingual teachers will play when implementing the CCSS for ELLs as well as how TESOL International Association is adding to the dialogue.

I encourage you to share this rich resource with colleagues who may need a little help understanding the multifaceted challenges in implementing the CCSS for ELLs.


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