Three Strategies for Equitable Assessment of ELLs

We are excited to share Diane Staehr Fenner's new outstanding article from Educational Leadership, published by ASCD. Their February 2016 edition focuses entirely on ELLs. (A digital version of the magazine will be posted in early February, but Diane's article is available online for free.)

Diane's article outlines three practical strategies for ELL assessment, including guidance for choosing accommodations, preparing for computer-based testing, and using English language proficiency scores to plan instruction.  In addition, each strategy highlights what students need to know and practice in order for the strategy to be effective, as well as tips for collaboration and advocacy by ESL professionals.

(You can see an example of what assessment advocacy looks like from itinerant teacher Larry Donathan, who describes his assessment-related responsibilities for multiple schools in Washington, DC on Colorín Colorado.)

Diane lays out a clear blueprint for addressing assessment challenges that ELLs and their educators currently face, and her tips will be useful for professional learning communities, professional development, and conversations with school administrators.

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