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Dale, Dale, Dale: Una fiesta de números / Hit It, Hit It, Hit It: A Fiesta of Numbers

Illustration of child hitting a pinata

Mateo counts to twelve as he anticipates the fun he'll have at his birthday party. There will be family, friends and lots of goodies for the children: tops, marbles and even toy cars! But before the children can hit the piñata, they will sing the birthday boy a song and enjoy eating a delicious cake. And then Mateo will be "the happiest boy in the whole wide world," because he gets to swing at the piñata first with everyone cheering him on: Dale! Dale! Dale!

Age Level: 3-6
Language: Spanish (Bilingual Eng/Sp)
Region: Latin America
Format: Picture Book
Publisher: Piñata Books
Themes for Children: Holidays and Celebrations Latino/a