Spring Celebrations

Illustration of Confetti Kids planting a garden

Celebrate the arrival of spring with kites, mud, tomatoes, and more signs of the season — including some that may surprise you! The titles feature a diverse range of characters and include fiction and non-fiction selections, many of which are bilingual.

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Babies in the Park: Spring Babies

Illustrated by: Adela Pons
Age Level: 0-3

What will babies find in the park on a beautiful spring day? This series features diverse characters and highlighting early concepts like shapes and repetition, books in the Babies in the Park series encourage an appreciation of nature and outdoor imaginative play.

Cherry Blossoms Say Spring

Age Level: 6-9

In the style of the Picture the Seasons books, this book looks at the life cycle of a cherry tree, the history behind the gift of the Japanese cherry trees to our nation's capital, and the association of cherry trees and spring. Vibrant scenes from the Cherry Blossom Festival and the flood of visitors to the Tidal Basin are balanced with shots of the natural beauty of these trees.

Chicken (Life Cycle of a . . .)

Age Level: 3-6

Where is a chicken's comb? What is a male chicken called? Why are chickens scared of foxes? Explaining concepts through stunning photographs and simple text, 'Life Cycle of a Chicken' takes an in-depth look at this familiar but fascinating animal.

Did You Hear Wind Sing Your Name?: An Oneida Song of Spring

Illustrated by: Christopher Canyon
Age Level: 6-9

Orie's celebration of Spring is full of imagery reflecting Oneida traditions. Structured as a series of questions, the song/poem explores the sensations, emotions, and spiritual experiences connected with the season: a hawk circling in the sky; the Three Sisters (corn, beans, and squash) sending out their green shoots; the first wild strawberries…An author's note explains the significance of the various symbols depicted. — School Library Journal

How a Seed Grows

Illustrated by: Loretta Krupinski
Age Level: 6-9

How a tiny seed can grow into an enormous plant (think acorn) is introduced through crisp text and effective illustrations. Suggested activities are easily doable (though adult help is required) and support concepts introduced.

Kite Flying

By: Grace Lin
Age Level: 3-6
Language: English

The young narrator describes how she and her family each contribute to a handsome kite which they then enjoy flying. Signature illustrations show traditional Chinese kite designs combined with an author's note about kite history. The result is the celebration of an ebullient family tradition that readers may want to take up themselves!

Mud Tacos

Illustrated by: Maryn Roos
Age Level: 6-9

Product Description: Marissa loves her big brother, Mario. He always comes up with fun ideas. When playing in their nana's backyard, they decide to make some wormy, squirmy mud tacos. That gives Mario an idea to have some real tacos for lunch. Before long it is off to the store with Nana, but first they must pick up their cousins Rosie and Chico. When Chico starts acting like a hotshot to prove that he is a big kid, can his cousins, with the help of a few mud tacos, show him how to have some real fun?

Planting a Rainbow

Age Level: 0-3

This educational and enjoyable book helps children understand how to plant bulbs, seeds, and seedlings, and nurture their growth. Lois Ehlert's bold collage illustrations include six pages of staggered width, presenting all the flowers of each color of the rainbow.

Spring (Seasons)

What is the weather like in spring? Books in this series introduce children to the four seasons using simple, repetitive text to teach children basic vocabulary with stunning photographs to show the changes that take place during each season.

Spring/Primavera (Seasons of the Year/Las estaciones del año)

Age Level: 3-6

This bilingual introduction to the seasons is perfect for the early science curriculum. Each book contains numerous photographs depicting the recognizable features of autumn, spring, summer, and winter. A simple, two- or three-word sentence accompanies each image and all volumes include a visual glossary, which uses a simple image to define each word.

The Ugly Vegetables

Young girl with mother in garden
By: Grace Lin
Age Level: 6-9
Language: English

In a neighborhood of flower gardens, a Chinese-American girl and her mother plant what the child considers to be ugly vegetables. The ugly vegetables, however, become attractive and help build community when made into a delicious soup! A recipe is included.

Who Likes Rain?

Who likes rain?
Age Level: 3-6

With spring come April showers. It's time to put on a raincoat, grab an umbrella, and head outdoors. The worms like rain, and so do the fish and frogs. But what about the cat and dog? In this lyrical picture book, one spunky little girl discovers just who likes rain (and who doesn't) as she explores the rainy-day habits of the world around her. Here is the second offering in Wong Herbert Yee's charming seasonal quartet. The simple text and interactive question-and-answer format make this book perfect for reading aloud with preschoolers any time of the year.

Yasmin the Gardener

Illustration of Yasmin working in the garden
Illustrated by: Hatem Aly
Age Level: 6-9

It's spring! Yasmin and her baba are excited to plant their garden, and Yasmin chooses a flower seedling. She gives it plenty of sun, water, and good soil . . . so why is it wilting? Watching Nani sit in the sun gives Yasmin a bright idea and she knows just what her little plant needs.