Community Partnerships: Supporting Immigrant Families

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Community organizations can play a critical role in providing information and support to immigrant families. This may include addressing families' basic needs, as well as legal advice and updates. The resources below share examples from schools that have strong connections with community partners. Additional information is available in our Community Connections resource section.

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For more ideas, see this Colorín Colorado webinar recorded in collaboration with Share My Lesson, along with resources mentioned in the webinar.

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Immigration Organizations

The following organizations are just a few examples of groups working at local, regional, and national levels to provide updated information and advice for immigrant families, often in collaboration with schools. We encourage you to look for organizations in your community who are doing similar kinds of work:

Community Schools: A Valuable Resource for ELLs

Another model of partnership is the community school model. These can be especially effective for helping connect families with services to meet basic needs such as housing, clothing, food, and medical care. Learn more in our Community Schools and ELL project, as well as from the Coalition for Community Schools.