Supporting Immigrant Students: Ideas for Educators

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There are a number of things that educators can do to support their immigrant students, whether in the classroom or at the school-wide level. A number of educators have shared their ideas with us in the following resources.

What You'll Find in This Section

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Administrators at the school and district level have an important role to play when it comes to supporting immigrant students. Not only can they have an impact on how resources for staff, language interpretation, and program support are used, but they set the tone for the building or district. Learn more from administrators who have worked hard to create a welcoming environment for their families from these resources.

The Administrator's Role: Supporting Immigrant Students

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One way to develop a team that is well-positioned to support immigrant students is to make time for collaboration and professional development. A single, well-informed staff member can make a difference not only in the lives of a family but for the whole school community. Here are some ideas on how to integrate more collaboration and professional development throughout the school.

Staff Collaboration and Professional Development: Supporting Immigrant Students

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When thinking about how best to support immigrant students, an important first step is to talk with families themselves to find out their questions and concerns, as well as their ideas and strategies for coping with difficult situations. Learn more from leaders doing just that in the resources below.

Partnering with Immigrant Families