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How Ohio schools are adapting to serve more English learners

The lunchroom at Akron’s Findley Community Learning Center is filled with the sound of different languages being spoken: Spanish, Swahili, Nepalese. A local nonprofit is giving a presentation, in English, to dozens of Akron Public Schools parents on how immigrants can get their GED in English. All the while, seven interpreters are translating the presentation for them via headsets and earpieces The parents come from a wide range of countries, like Guatemala, Afghanistan and Thailand.

Minneapolis schools added more librarians. Now books are flying off the shelves

Minneapolis Public Schools has doubled its number of librarians since last year and met its goal of staffing at least a half-time librarian at each of its more than 60 schools. But most worth celebrating, staff members say, is the number of books finding their way into the hands of young readers across the city. Circulation is way up in many schools — it's doubled since last year at Nellie Stone Johnson Elementary on the North Side and also at Transitions Plus, a program for 18- to 21-year-old students with learning disabilities. Stadium View, the district's juvenile detention program, now has a functional library that has loaned out more than 400 books.

Here Are the 4 Finalists for National Teacher of the Year

A science teacher in Alaska who encourages students to become stewards of natural resources. A music technology teacher in Georgia who teaches students how to create podcasts. An English-as-a-second-language teacher in Tennessee who builds bridges between cultures. A history teacher in New Jersey who guides his students to research and celebrate their own identities. These are the finalists for the 2024 National Teacher of the Year, the top national honor for teaching.

A Critical Thinking Framework for Elementary Students

Critical thinking is using analysis and evaluation to make a judgment. Analysis, evaluation, and judgment are not discrete skills; rather, they emerge from the accumulation of knowledge. The accumulation of knowledge does not mean students sit at desks mindlessly reciting memorized information, like in 19th century grammar schools. Our goal is not for learners to regurgitate facts by rote without demonstrating their understanding of the connections, structures, and deeper ideas embedded in the content they are learning. To foster critical thinking in school, especially for our youngest learners, we need a pedagogy that centers knowledge and also honors the ability of children to engage with knowledge.

Vashti Harrison’s Caldecott Win: Kind of a ‘Big’ Deal

Author–illustrator Vashti Harrison happened to be in Miami to celebrate her father’s 89th birthday when—at 9:30 p.m., while sorting laundry—she received the news of her Caldecott win. “It’s a little bit of a jump scare when you realize there’s a whole room full of people calling to say congratulations to you,” Harrison said.

A Brief But Spectacular take on Dreamers pursuing higher education

Karen Vallejos is the executive director of the Dream Project, dedicated to supporting students whose immigration status may pose challenges to their academic aspirations. As a former undocumented student herself, Vallejos saw the barriers in place that prevent immigrant students from realizing their dreams. She shares her Brief But Spectacular take on Dreamers pursuing higher education.

2024 Youth Media Awards Winners

Following is a list of winners announced at this year's 2024 Youth Media Awards ceremony during ALA's Lib Learn X in Baltimore, MD.