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Best of 2022: School bullies told him to speak English. His mentee showed him he already belonged

When Luis Paulino started eighth grade at a new school in a new country, he was made to feel like he didn't fit in. Paulino, who arrived in New York from the Dominican Republic in 2006, remembered being bullied for his differences. By 2010, Paulino was no longer the new kid in school. He was a tutor in algebra class, where he first met Angel Gonzalez, another Spanish speaker who had just moved from the Dominican Republic.

Best of 2022: Non-English speaking parents turn to WhatsApp, community groups when COVID translations fall short

Evolving COVID rules have been confusing enough for native English speakers. Parents who speak limited or no English have found it difficult to understand and get answers about the protocols, say educators and advocates who work with immigrant families. That communication gap is often filled by parent leaders and community groups when families can’t get assistance from their schools or are waiting for translated versions of guidance from the education department.

Best of 2022: 4 Practical Ways to Make Instruction Accessible for Multilingual Learners

Designing instruction that is accessible to English learners (ELs), or multilingual learners, is of the utmost importance. It’s simply not enough to make content available to learners. That’s like being given a car but no keys to use it. Equitable instruction is instruction that provides every learner with what they need for academic success.

Best of 2022: Rethinking Outdoor Space for High-Quality Early Learning

Outdoor play is linked to improved outcomes in children’s social-emotional, cognitive, and physical development as well as academic gains. Early childhood outdoor learning environments (OLE) where educators use their training, professional development, and technical assistance to engage young children can promote structured and unstructured physical activity, play, and discovery. Improving OLEs in child care centers and homes is a low-cost and high-impact strategy for improving program quality, educator well-being, and children’s learning and health. Yet few child care programs receive the funding, guidance, or support to improve their outdoor settings beyond minimum health and safety requirements.