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Best of 2023: What’s The Right Mindset for Teaching English Learners? A Teacher Explains

Marlena Young-Jones has taught in Russellville City Schools for almost 11 years. Most of that time was spent as a 2nd grade general elementary teacher. In her last 2nd grade class at West Elementary, all 19 of her students were English learners. After that experience, she wanted to work more closely with these students as an English-as-a-second-language interventionist. Young-Jones shares why she loves helping English learners grow linguistically and academically, how the right mindset is needed to best support all students, and how the district, from which she graduated in 2002, has come a long way in supporting these students and her work.

Best of 2023: How Puppets Are Teaching Kids About Emotional Well-Being And How to "Feel Your Best Self"

Feel Your Best Self (FYBS) is a free bilingual toolkit for kids that teaches 12 simple coping strategies to strengthen emotional well-being through the use of puppets, videos, and supporting materials. In this Q&A with Colorín Colorado, the FYBS team shares how the idea came about, why they wanted to make the materials in Spanish, and how schools are using the toolkit to support students.


Best of 2023: Building Pathways for Bilingual Teachers with Ideas From 3 States

For years, state and local education leaders have known of a shortage of certified bilingual educators who would be qualified to teach in dual language immersion schools. It’s why researchers at The Century Foundation, a progressive think tank, recently published a report exploring sustainable pathways from across the country for helping more individuals get their certification to become bilingual teachers.

Best of 2023: Young Afghan girls are finding ways to keep learning

After the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan in 2021, tens of thousands of girls were banned from attending school beyond sixth grade. Many found a way to continue their studies through informal tutoring centers, but those too have come under increased scrutiny as the government continues to crack down on women and girls' access to education. As a group of girls in Kabul have been grappling with all this, they've formed a connection with some other teens half a world away in California. The two sets of students, through meetings on Zoom talking about their lives and goals, formed the Flowers for the Future club, now a branch of the Eileen Murphy Foundation.

Best of 2023: She teaches recent immigrants. Here’s how she makes her NYC classroom a safe space to learn English.

Elana Rabinowitz is an ESL teacher and coordinator at Middle School 113 The Ronald Edmonds Learning Center in Brooklyn. In recent years, many of her students have been recent arrivals to the United States — children from asylum-seeking families who fled violence and economic hardship. Some of them had been out of school for months or years as they made their way to the U.S. Rabinowitz wants them to feel comfortable sharing their stories and identities. As soon as a new student is placed in her class, Rabinowitz buys a flag from their country of origin. But she wants them to feel at home in New York City, too, so she decorates her classroom with cozy secondhand furniture she finds at stoop sales.