Social Skills in Preschool

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In preschool, your child will learn many types of skills. Your child will practice separating from you at drop off time. He will learn to adjust to new situations, to make new friends, to listen to others, and form some first friendships. All of these things develop with time, patience, and practice. Reading books together in which the characters are going through the same thing can also help your preschooler develop these important skills.

Below are four books in which the characters are learning some of the same skills as your preschooler. Consider adding these to your next stack from the library.

The Kissing Hand, by Audrey Penn
Chester Raccoon just wants to stay with his Mom. Despite her assurances about how great school is, Chester would rather stay home. Chester's Mom sends him off with a special secret (The Kissing Hand) that makes the transition much easier.

Chester's Way, by Kevin Henkes
This is the story of Chester and his friend Wilson, who know just how they like things. From shoelaces to sandwich cutting, these two are best friends. And then Lilly moves into the neighborhood. She turns things upside down and teaches us all about making new friends.

Otis, by Janie Bynum
Otis just doesn't fit in with his family. Despite being a pig, he likes things neat and tidy. And he does not want to roll in the mud! One day, Otis meets a frog with a mud problem. The solution, and the friendship, will leave your preschooler smiling.

I Like Me!, by Nancy Carlson
Another story about a pig, this book is about loving who you are, an important message to send to kids. "I like my curly tail, my round tummy and my tiny little feet," the pig says. "When I make a mistake, I try and try again!" A comforting story about loving the special things about you.

Each of these books provides an opportunity to talk with your child about what's happening with the characters and what's happening at preschool. Your child will appreciate a safe and fun setting for sharing their feelings.

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