Wordless Books

How many times have you watched a child or student choose a book and then pore over the illustrations? Wordless books are books that don't have any words and tell their story through the illustrations. The pictures give you clues about what is going to happen next.  Students can make up a story, in their home language or English, that goes along with the pictures. For ideas on how to use wordless picture books in the classroom, see the Wonderful World of Wordless Picture Books on Judie Haynes' EverythingESL website.

Recommended Resources

A Boy, A Dog, and A Frog

This wordless book tells the story of a boy and his dog trying to catch a frog. As they head home empty-handed, they are surprised to find that the frog followed them home!

Ben's Dream

Ben's geography lesson comes to life when he falls asleep and dreams of traveling to famous monuments worldwide. Realistic black and white line drawings combine fantasy and authenticity in this extraordinary adventure.

Cat on the Bus

By: Aram Kim
Age Level: 0-3

This nearly wordless book uses onomatopoeia and striking, bold illustrations to tell the story of a vulnerable stray cat in search of food, shelter and love. A cat enters a grocery store in search of food, but the proprietor shoos her away. A bus approaches offering shelter, but the large-handed, scary-faced driver shouts SCRAM! When another bus approaches, the cat runs in with a WHOOSH and meets a grandfatherly gentleman who changes the cat's circumstances forever.

Changes, Changes

In this wordless world of building blocks, solutions can be built for any challenge.


Follow the fortunes of Clown as he rescues his fellow toys from being discarded too soon.

Frog Goes to Dinner

Having stowed away in a pocket, Frog wreaks havoc and creates disgrace for the family at the posh restaurant where they are having dinner.

Frog on His Own

The excellent adventures of Frog continue as he strikes out on his own on a fine summer day.

Frog, Where Are You?

In this wordless adventure, a boy searches for his pet frog. After meeting many animals along the way, the boy finds his frog, and a surprise!

Good Dog Carl

A lovable Rottweiler named Carl has everthing under control while Mom steps out on an errand. Or does he?

Noah's Ark

The biblical rainy-day tale comes to life through delicate, detailpacked illustrations.

Pancakes for Breakfast

On a cold morning, a little old lady decides to make pancakes for breakfast, but has a hard time finding all of the ingredients. This wordless picture book tells a story of determination and humor, ideal for young readers who can narrate the story as they go.

Peter Spier's Christmas

Join Peter's family as they prepare for Christmas. This wordless book uses brightly colored illustrations to illuminate the story.

Peter Spier's Rain

With wordless joy a brother and sister turn a raining day into an excuse for adventure through the neighborhood.

Polar Slumber / Sueño Polar

This beautiful wordless picture book takes us on a magical journey through a young girl's dreams about her new polar bear friends. Young readers will pore over the lush illustrations of snowflakes, adorable polar bear cubs, cozy blankets, and the Northern lights. An accompanying poem is included at the end of the text. Bilingual or English version available.

Rosie's Walk

Rosie, a hen, takes a walk — oblivious to the fox that is following her. Rosie unwittingly leads the hungry fox from one disaster to the next until she returns safely home. The simple text notes only Rosie's trip around the farm, making the strong line and bright colors of the illustration all the more striking and very funny.

Sector 7

Wondrous things happen in the skies above Manhattan in this wordless book that explores what happens when we unlock our imagination.

The Lion & the Mouse

The Lion & the Mouse
Age Level: 3-6

The well-known fable about how the smallest creature — a mouse — saves the majestic lion is a tale of kindness returned. Here it is effectively recast as a wordless story in a new setting. Stunning illustrations are expressive and emotive, evoking Africa's Serengeti while retaining the tale's power.

The Silver Pony

A magical winged horse takes his small companion on the adventures of a lifetime through 80+ illustrations.

The Snowman

In Raymond Brigg's charming tale, a little boy makes friends with a snowman. He wakes up on a snowy day, tells his mother he's going outside, then begins a flurry of snowman-building. That night, he can't sleep, so he opens the front door and lo! the snowman has come to life. Spanish version available.

Time Flies

When a bird flies into an exhibit of dinosaurs, the museum walls and the bones begin to change to prehistoric times. The amazing fantasy comes full circle to a satisfying conclusion.


Slowly and quietly on this particular Tuesday, a few fat frogs begin hovering over a swamp, riding lily pads like magic carpets. Gradually, the flying fleet grows in momentum and number, sailing over the countryside and into an unsuspecting town.

Unspoken: A Story from the Underground Railroad

Age Level: 6-9

Readers are encouraged to tell the story of a brave farm girl who provides food to someone who has escaped in this sophisticated, expressive, wordless book. Inspired by family stories, the author allows adults to fill in the historical detail while children recognize the story's power.